I'm sorry ...

I have thoroughly neglected this blog and I do wish to apologise for all the missed texts and inquiries. The painting pieces are all sold out ... but I do have the pattern packets in stock.

If you are interested in my classes or pattern packets, please email me at norana_g@hotmail.com. I'll get back to you ASAP ;)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Packets for sale

I must apologise for the almost demised blog...I've been busy TRYING to complete orders that I have thoroughly neglected this sales blog *sigh* Anyway... for starters...since I do not have the time to make extras for sale, I have decided to now do pattern packets instead.. to cater to those who can already paint but lack ideas for designs and colours. I have only 2 for now... but God Willing... there will be more coming.

In each packet is a pattern design, worksheet, lesson notes and a picture of the project. Wood blanks can be included upon request ....

Hydrangeas H001
RM10.00 only
RM25.00 (with wood blank)

Daisies D001

RM10.00 only
RM23.00 (with wood blank)

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