I'm sorry ...

I have thoroughly neglected this blog and I do wish to apologise for all the missed texts and inquiries. The painting pieces are all sold out ... but I do have the pattern packets in stock.

If you are interested in my classes or pattern packets, please email me at norana_g@hotmail.com. I'll get back to you ASAP ;)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Strawberry pattern packet

Strawberry delights S001
RM10.00 only
RM25.00 (with wood blank)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Packets for sale

I must apologise for the almost demised blog...I've been busy TRYING to complete orders that I have thoroughly neglected this sales blog *sigh* Anyway... for starters...since I do not have the time to make extras for sale, I have decided to now do pattern packets instead.. to cater to those who can already paint but lack ideas for designs and colours. I have only 2 for now... but God Willing... there will be more coming.

In each packet is a pattern design, worksheet, lesson notes and a picture of the project. Wood blanks can be included upon request ....

Hydrangeas H001
RM10.00 only
RM25.00 (with wood blank)

Daisies D001

RM10.00 only
RM23.00 (with wood blank)

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

So sorry

I have neglected this blog ... not able to update it due to lack of time. I've been busy painting for others at the expense of painting some for sale here. Just scoot over to my main blog to view my other pieces please. Thank you ....

Have a great day ya ....

Friday, April 24, 2009

More Birdhouses :)

All birdhouses are (15x8x38)cm with a square base

SBH003 - RM60.00

Small violet roses painted on birdhouse

SBH004 - RM65.00

More roses all over the birdhouse

~ SBH004 SOLD ~

SBH005 - RM65.00

Salmon-coloured roses adorn this birdhouse

SBH006 - RM65.00

Pink, blue and brilliant violet roses decorate this birdhouse

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Multi-purpose Rectangular box

MPB001 - RM80.00

A multi-purpose rectangular box decorated with tulips and daisies on a pastel salmon background. May be used as a pencil case, a chopstick keeper or other knick-knacks

Latest addition

SBH001 - RM65.00
(15x8x38)cm with base

Small white wooden birdhouse painted with hydrangeas around the house and base. Makes a unique decorative item for birdhouse collectors

SBH002 - RM65.00
(15x8x38)cm with base

Another small white wooden birdhouse painted with pink roses trailing all over the house and base. Another collector's item... for no 2 piece is the same

~ SBH002 SOLD ~

Wall Plaque

WP001 - RM80.00

A welcome sign in the shape of a chopping board decorated with soft pastel hydrangeas to welcome guests into the your home.

~ WP001 SOLD ~

WP002 - RM80.00

A washroom wall plaque decorated with hydrangeas on a pastel background. Decorate your washroom with Nora's speciality... hydrangeas :)

~ WP002 SOLD ~

Enamel Jug

(EJ 001) - RM80.00
16cm H X 10cm D

A solid enamel jug painted with Nora's signature hydrangeas all round

~ EJ001 SOLD ~

Porcelain mugs (10cm H)

RM16.00 each

White porcelain mugs painted with hydrangeas all round each mug


~ PM001 SOLD ~



Friday, March 27, 2009

New in Stock

Scalloped Small Jewelry Box (SJB002) - RM110.00


Box has a base colour of pastel lavender scumbled with white. Pink roses with lilacs decorate the surface

Scalloped Small Jewelry Box (SJB003) - RM110.00

Pink roses with lilacs on a lavender background.

Rectangular Tea-box
(RTB 001) - RM95.00

Tea-box has 4 slots. May also be used to keep beads, brooches, etc. Pink roses with lilacs on a lavender base adorn the box
~RTB 001 sold~

Rectangular Tea-box (RTB 002) - RM95.00

Done in Intarsia, box has 4 slots with a sliding top cover. Suitable for knick-knacks besides keeping tea satchets

~ RTB 002 sold ~

Kitchen Towel Holder
(KTH002) - RM110.00

(23x25)cm, base is (15x15)cm

Pink roses on a soft pastel green base. A handy item to complement kitchen decor.

~ KTH 002 sold ~