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I have thoroughly neglected this blog and I do wish to apologise for all the missed texts and inquiries. The painting pieces are all sold out ... but I do have the pattern packets in stock.

If you are interested in my classes or pattern packets, please email me at norana_g@hotmail.com. I'll get back to you ASAP ;)

Friday, March 27, 2009

New in Stock

Scalloped Small Jewelry Box (SJB002) - RM110.00


Box has a base colour of pastel lavender scumbled with white. Pink roses with lilacs decorate the surface

Scalloped Small Jewelry Box (SJB003) - RM110.00

Pink roses with lilacs on a lavender background.

Rectangular Tea-box
(RTB 001) - RM95.00

Tea-box has 4 slots. May also be used to keep beads, brooches, etc. Pink roses with lilacs on a lavender base adorn the box
~RTB 001 sold~

Rectangular Tea-box (RTB 002) - RM95.00

Done in Intarsia, box has 4 slots with a sliding top cover. Suitable for knick-knacks besides keeping tea satchets

~ RTB 002 sold ~

Kitchen Towel Holder
(KTH002) - RM110.00

(23x25)cm, base is (15x15)cm

Pink roses on a soft pastel green base. A handy item to complement kitchen decor.

~ KTH 002 sold ~

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