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I have thoroughly neglected this blog and I do wish to apologise for all the missed texts and inquiries. The painting pieces are all sold out ... but I do have the pattern packets in stock.

If you are interested in my classes or pattern packets, please email me at norana_g@hotmail.com. I'll get back to you ASAP ;)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Decorative Items in Stock

Hey there ;)... finally.... I have extras on my display rack.... so now I've decided to sell some of my hand-painted items here online. They'd make wonderful personal gifts... and since they are hand-painted... NO two items will ever be the same!!! Great heirloom pieces too hehe....

Anyway....please take note, prices quoted do not include postage. If you are interested, please email me at norana_g@hotmail.com or write in my chat box for further inquiries and I'll get back to you ASAP ;)

Tea-box (TB 001) - RM180.00
Tea-box has six (8x8)cm partitions for convenient placement of different flavoured tea-satchets. Cover shows a dreamy English tea setting on a soft scumbled pastel pink background.

~TB001 SOLD~

Cutlery box (CB001) - RM250.00
Done in intarsia-style, the cover shows an elegant display of tea set on a shelf.This scallop-top cutlery box has four vertical partitions for your precious cutlery set. The base and inner box shows different wood faux finishes.
~ CB001 SOLD ~

Kitchen Towel Holder (KTH001) - RM120.00
(23x25)cm, base is (15x15cm)
Things one can find in a kitchen done in a pen-and-wash technique giving a very soft pastel look against an off-white background. Definitely something different from the usual display of flowers and fruits in the kitchen ;)

~ KTH001 SOLD ~

Birdhouse (BH001) - RM150.00
Barnhouse shaped. A nest of eggs on a tree branch is featured in front. All round the sides and back are more tree branches set on a pale creamy background. Ideal for bird lovers or collectors of birdhouses. However, since item is made of MDF material, it should be displayed in a covered area and not exposed to rain and shine outdoors

~ BH001 SOLD ~

Scalloped Small Jewelry box (SJB001) - RM110.00
Dreamy pink roses painted on a soothing pastel green. Roses are also painted on the inside of the cover. Makes a great personal gift to a dear one.


InsyaAllah...God Willing... there'll be more to come ;)

e a blessed day....

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